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Museum of Ancient Ships

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Location Pisa

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The Museum of Ancient Ships of Pisa is an archaeological museum under construction. In December 1998, on the occasion of the works for the construction of a railway junction, it revealed traces of ancient vessels, remains of a harbor city in perfect condition. The lack of oxygen and groundwater, in fact, has avoided the deterioration of these findings. Up to a bit ‘of time ago the shipyard had become a real museum with the aim to encourage even the “non-professionals work” activities of excavation and restoration: the area was visited during work activities until 26 July 2010. The visit led the visitors in the spaces where the big ships are being renovated and prepared for the future exhibition, while in the windows shows the findings that emerged from the most recent surveys. Today it is not possible to visit it but at the end of work, the ship should be brought in the Medicean Arsenals. Hopefully…